The training courses offered at the Bahrain Montessori Centre are all internationally certified by the Montessori Centre International, UK ( All perspective applicants must meet the entrance requirements (click on Admission and Tuitions to review) before being enrolled on a course. Our courses include:

The Early Childhood Certificate, Montessori Theory and Methodology course

This training provides a foundation in early childhood education and the Montessori theory and practice. There is no actual classroom teaching practice required for this certification. It comprises 210 specified lecture hours and meets twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4.30pm – 7pm. There is a three month summer holiday break and all national holidays are observed.

The duration of the course is for approximately 18 months which includes the time off for summer breaks. All materials are provided to the student for this course and are included in the tuition fees. Examination fees are not included in the tuition fees. More information is available on Admission and Tuitions. Some of the course work required for the Early Childhood Certificate Course includes essays, observation portfolio and graded projects.

The International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy course
All candidates for this course must have completed the Early Childhood Certificate Course and successfully passed the examinations required prior to enrolling.

Those seeking the diploma are required to fulfil classroom observation and teaching practice requirements. Diploma students must complete 420 hours of teaching practice time in a pre-assigned Montessori preschool environment. Teaching practice will be coordinated with the local Montessori preschools and an individual tutor will be assigned to each student. Generally, this requirement is met by the student spending a number of scheduled mornings per week in a local Montessori classroom.

There are observations, evaluation files and a Child Profile study which the student is required to complete over the duration of this training. Depending upon the assigned school’s calendar and the student trainee’s schedule, the duration for the completion of this training is normally between five to seven months. The tuition fees are separate for the Diploma course and there are no examinations required. The student is expected to focus on actual teaching practice in a qualified centre.

More information regarding tuition fees is available by clicking on Admission and Tuitions.

The Foundation Certificate Training Course

The Foundation Certificate Course is a six-month training course that provides a basic understanding of early childhood development and an introduction to the Montessori theory and practice. One lecture per week is held over six months for a total of 100 lecture hours for this course. There is no teaching practice required and students will need to successfully pass a short exam at the end of the course. Graduates of this course receive a Foundation Certificate from MCI which qualifies the holder to be a Teacher’s Assistant. The tuition fees for this course are separate and more information is available by clicking on Admission and Tuitions.

Throughout all our courses, each student will be provided with individual guidance and assistance where needed. We will support and give additional supervision to ensure success for each student at BMC.

Parent Course, Learning Together

This course provides parents with an introduction to the Montessori approach for a deeper understanding about their children, early childhood education/development and family life. The course is held over six weeks and meets once a week for a two-hour session.

There are morning and afternoon sessions available to accommodate working and non-working mothers. Fathers are equally welcomed. More details about the timings and fees for this course are available by clicking on Parent Course.

For a review of the current UK and international standards for teacher qualifications, further professional career planning/training and developments with the Early Years Foundation Stage, EYFS guidelines, visit the Montessori Centre International, MCI website:

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